Saturday, April 25, 2009

I am so in love!

For nearly two months I've been consumed with finding the perfect dog for our family. We decided that a French Bulldog would be a good fit for us, and so the search began. I can't begin to tell you how many websites I've viewed. How many google searches I did. How many phone calls and emails I made to breeders. Or how with each email my longing for a dog increased.

I've found many I liked, only to forward to Peter where he voted her off the island. At times I thought I would kill him. But his desire for the right dog balanced out my weakness for a cute face. Yesterday, I found another beauty. I emailed her to Peter, and he agreed, she's perfect. He even let sarah look take a peek (the kids have no idea! they are going to die!) and she loved "uncle Rick's new puppy"

It's been a long time coming, a new dog. I haven't had a dog since 2000. We are thrilled to finally be at a place were we feel we will be good dog parents. We had many opportunities to be home to some amazing dogs, but we knew it wouldn't be fair to the dog. We weren't ready. Now we are, though, and if feels great!

To say I'm not terrified would be a lie. I'm as scared as I was bringing home Noah. "do I know how to do this?", "how do you potty train again?", "will the pee and poo gross me out?", "will I ever want to leave the house again!!"

Okay, okay, I've rambled enough. Here's our new baby. We get her Friday - 6 days from today. I can hardly breathe thinking about it.

she's so small!