Tuesday, February 24, 2009

could Pluto be the skinny planet

Peter, last night, on cooking a frozen meatloaf for dinner.

Him: "see, this is crazy. This package says it servers six adults"
Me: "and yet it only fed our three kids!"
Him: "right."
Me: "well that's probably right. You are supposed to only eat a playing card size of meat"
Him: "BAA! On what planet does that happen?"
Me: "skinny planet"
Him: "I'm not familar with that planet"


If pluto were still a planet, it could be the skinny planet.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

step away from the electronics

Once again, I've been a bad bad blogger. So many reasons, none of which you really give a damn about, so I won't go there. Things have been happening around here, mainly with electronics.

So let's talk about electronics. The fun, yummy, pink phone kind, to be exact. My beloved HTC smartphone found the hard side of the floor the other day and died a horrible death. No biggie really. With the three kids (none of which have actually ever hurt my phone, it's always me) I have the insurance, so I knew what to expect with the insurance replacement.

or so I thought.

Man oh man, what a pain. First, the "upgrade" phone was a complete POS. HATED it. I could not get rid of it fast enough. My breaking point though, was trying to check my email. 20 minutes later, TEARS, and still no email, I gave up. That experience was made even more horrible when Peter walked in on me. "Are you crying? Michelle, it's a PHONE!"


Clearly, I'm insane.

After much running around checking on every new phone on the market and comparing rate plans, I landed on the G1 from T-mobile. THIS PHONE ROCKS PEOPLE. I expect it will get up and make me breakfast tomorrow, it's that good.

Like the iphone, there are a million applications you can download. and believe me, I've been downloading. yummy...i love downloading. One of the first things was a set of wallpapers. This little guy was my first pic. Just look at him, is he not the cutest thing ever?!?? I dare you to frown while looking at him. OMG, i love him.

Another app I downloaded was PicSay. It's this cute photo editor where you can add silly graphics and props and crazy stuff. I took the liberty of "enhancing" the already goofy picture of Peter in his fake glasses. Then, I added it in my Five.

he's super hot!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

to things forgotten

Is it a good sign, or a bad sign, that on Valentine's Day you and your hubby are in separate rooms; one playing video games, the other facebooking and doing website editing with her girlfriend? Me thinks that as long as both parties are happy that it's all good. At least I hope so, or else I'm in big trouble.

Peter and I aren't the sappy, horribly romantical type couple. Want proof? out of 6 anniversaries, we've forgotten 2. I was the first to forget too - our second one at that. We both forgot the 4th. Imagine the laugh we got when we both got an email from his sister wishing us a happy anniversary. DUDE, really? My sister-in-law remembered and WE BOTH forgot?! Actually, another SIL and our nephew remember too. That's just crazy.

I remember that 4th anniversary like it was yesterday. Well it was only 2 years ago, so not far off, but let's be real, I forgot our second one. Memory isn't my strong suit. But this I'm not likely to forget. I got this email and before I could call peter, the phone rang.
"Did you just get an email from Nancy?"
"we forgot again"
"happy anniversary babe. I love you"
"happy anniversary babe. I love you, too"
"think we'll remember next year"
"well at least we both forgot, so you can't be mad at me"
"pretty much. Oh and hon?"
"be sure to thank Nance for the reminder"
"will do"

We did remember the next one though. And then the next one even. It's coming again in august, I'm pretty sure we won't go 3 for 3. So if someone wants to send me an email A DAY EARLY that would be fantastic. OH wait, I facebook now. Maybe the Internet will remind me.

Thank God for the Internet. and sisters in law.

Happy Valentine's Yo! Y'all rock!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Want a super easy Valentine Card?

Here's the little valentine cards I did for the kids. damn cute aren't they?!?!

They measure 3" wide and 4" tall. I've put two on one 4x6 and are having them printed at Costco. So for 7 cents each (well not including the candy) the kids will have cute, custom, Valentine's cards with almost no work.

I don't have a finished one yet, just sent them to print, but the idea is to put a mini chocolate bar at the back, fold over the top of the card so it covers the end of the candy wrapper and staple together. EASY AS PIE!

If you want a jpeg of either one of these cards, or both, email me at michelle@papertherapy.com. If I knew how to make a fancy downloadable link thingie for y'all, i would. But I'm pretty much illiterate when it comes to that stuff so email will have to do. UNLESS someone wants to send me a tutorial. That would be super cool :)


Saturday, February 7, 2009

shameless plug

We've all said it, this economy sucks. Most of us, if not all, have taken a direct hit. If not with furloughs, lay-offs, or closing of doors, it's limited hours, reduced benefits and (in my case) intense pay cuts. Times are hard, for sure, and there's no end in sight.

People are scared. Businesses, not only banks, are holding onto their money. Stores, in an effort to manage cash flow, aren't buying inventory. Something I noticed yesterday while doing a big of shopping. One of my favorite stores, one with normally overflowing stock, had aisles wide from entire rows of displays removed. It was almost eerie. No, it was eerie.

My personal gig has taken a hit too. Book sales, both wholesale and retail, are stagnant (yes, I'm going there) This isn't my lively hood, so it's not like we aren't able to put food on the table, so that's good. But I wouldn't mind fulfilling an order or two :)

So I'm running a sale.
During this month of love I am offering
20% off plus $1.99 s/h
Shameless post, I know. Trying to get something going. Don't do it for me. Do it for the economy. Yeah - the economy - that's the ticket! haha