Sunday, July 19, 2009


I actually scrapbooked a page. First one in way too long. A year it's been, I think. Been taking a couple digi classes over that and have learned a few things about photoshop. this page might prove that I've learned how to do grunge in excess LOL (not that she's teaching excess, she's all about subtlety, something I know nothing about teehee)

Pretty sure I like it. No, I do like it. I'm all about texture and this certainly has that! And I finally WROTE something. nothing deep or profound. Just what I've been thinking lately.

I also edited a few other pictures that I hope to scrap soon (today???)



Beth said...

Woohoo! It looks awesome! We all need to get together soon. Maybe Friday?

m = michelle said...

I'm up for that!!!!

(and thanks :) )

Kerry said...

I'm up for Friday. Granted, I'd have to leave... like today.

Congrats on the digital Michelle. I know it was a leap for me, and I still enjoy the old paper process, but with busy lives doing something in digital just makes me feel like I've at least got something down. Hell, and if brushes and crap like that aren't addicting, I don't know what is!!

Both kinds can live happily in one album anyway.

You go girl.

P.S. Thank you for the update, I was beginning to think your brother celebrated his birthday all year. haha!