Saturday, February 14, 2009

to things forgotten

Is it a good sign, or a bad sign, that on Valentine's Day you and your hubby are in separate rooms; one playing video games, the other facebooking and doing website editing with her girlfriend? Me thinks that as long as both parties are happy that it's all good. At least I hope so, or else I'm in big trouble.

Peter and I aren't the sappy, horribly romantical type couple. Want proof? out of 6 anniversaries, we've forgotten 2. I was the first to forget too - our second one at that. We both forgot the 4th. Imagine the laugh we got when we both got an email from his sister wishing us a happy anniversary. DUDE, really? My sister-in-law remembered and WE BOTH forgot?! Actually, another SIL and our nephew remember too. That's just crazy.

I remember that 4th anniversary like it was yesterday. Well it was only 2 years ago, so not far off, but let's be real, I forgot our second one. Memory isn't my strong suit. But this I'm not likely to forget. I got this email and before I could call peter, the phone rang.
"Did you just get an email from Nancy?"
"we forgot again"
"happy anniversary babe. I love you"
"happy anniversary babe. I love you, too"
"think we'll remember next year"
"well at least we both forgot, so you can't be mad at me"
"pretty much. Oh and hon?"
"be sure to thank Nance for the reminder"
"will do"

We did remember the next one though. And then the next one even. It's coming again in august, I'm pretty sure we won't go 3 for 3. So if someone wants to send me an email A DAY EARLY that would be fantastic. OH wait, I facebook now. Maybe the Internet will remind me.

Thank God for the Internet. and sisters in law.

Happy Valentine's Yo! Y'all rock!



Lisa said...

i don't think it's a bad sign unless you are the one playing the video games and peter is the one facebooking with his girlfriend!

m = michelle said...

I don't care who you are. that's funny shit right there lisa!

sandalloons44 said...

I will remind you as I never forget these type of dates ever!
I am so date oriented for some reason as I was always told I was good with numbers, but, not Math kind. LOL
Just let me know the date as I have my ex sister in laws birthday in August, her wedding anniv., tw sisters birthdays, so that month, I will be paying attention. LOL

Take care and yes we were the same way over here, my hubby watching shows, I playing on computer, scrapbooking, taking on the phone, feeding all of our farm animals, tending with our dogs and my one son still at home and then relaxing.

Isn't it funny how when you 1st meet things are more like your nerves are there for eating in front of them and you want to have your hair nice, and your clothes, nice and smell good then you marry and that still stays but you are more relaxed now. LOL

have fun!

Laurel Hostetler said...

As the girlfriend who was with you on Valentine's Day, I would have to say a good sign...for me! It was awesome hanging with you, Chelle. Thanks for all your help! The website changes are now live:

Dust and Maddy said...

Ha ha ha! I love it.

Beth said...

That's hysterical!
Happy late Valentine's Day and Happy early Anniversary! ;)

Kerry said...

Yeah, the longer you are married the less romantic valentine's day becomes huh? I agree that as long as you are both happy.

OMG and I just choked reading Lisa's comment. Dayum.

Happy belated valentines day. :)