Tuesday, February 24, 2009

could Pluto be the skinny planet

Peter, last night, on cooking a frozen meatloaf for dinner.

Him: "see, this is crazy. This package says it servers six adults"
Me: "and yet it only fed our three kids!"
Him: "right."
Me: "well that's probably right. You are supposed to only eat a playing card size of meat"
Him: "BAA! On what planet does that happen?"
Me: "skinny planet"
Him: "I'm not familar with that planet"


If pluto were still a planet, it could be the skinny planet.


Lisa said...

that's funny stuff there. yeah--portion sizes make no sense. who wants to eat a playing card???

Kaelene said...

too funny! Maybe those serving sizes were designed with super model proportions in mind!

Dust and Maddy said...

Yeah, nothing's worse than eating something all by yourself, turning over the package to see it's suppose to serve six.

Kerry said...

I laugh in the face of portion sizes!!!