Monday, March 2, 2009

Phil in the Box

I'm at home today with a sick Noah Bear. He woke me at some ungodly hour last night with a cough. I feel bad now because I didn't get up with him and (I think) told him to get a class of water. In my defense, I was in the middle of a wackiest dream ever that had me woefully confused. It involved one of my architect clients, who wasn't an architect, but a Catholic Priest. Then, this architect/priest was also my date who insisted I wear his collar. He was kinda pushy about it, too. Crazy, because the architect is no were near pushy, and the same can be said for Priests. This was just the beginning too, and for sure the only parts I can pull out of my head and put into poorly constructed sentences. Still, with this short description, I'm sure you can see why I might have been a tad confused? yes?

geeez. Whoa! how was that for an "I digress" moment?

Back to the story. Home with Noah, but still had to get the girls together and off to their schools. On the way back I stopped at Jack in the Box for the crucial First Diet Coke of the Day. While trying to order I started laughing, making me look especially crazy. All because I saw this:

For some reason, this cracked me up. Come on, that's funny. Okay, okay...maybe it's just me. I've always loved Jack. This love affair has grown over years and years, getting stronger with each new ad campaign. This year's "hang in there Jack" is no exception. I mean this,

The broken nose? GOLDEN! I don't care who you are, that's funny right there. I can't keep from giggling, even now.
Back to the drive thru. I pull up feeling kinda bad that I was laughing while the cute headphone girl was taking my order. They kinda know me there (kinda? they invite me to Thanksgiving) and I wanted to make sure she didn't think I was making fun of her. We got to talking and she told me that there was a message on the JITB voicemail informing management that JACK WAS
BACK! After the obvious laugh about how far this ruse is going, I came home and found this:
HOORAY! because Phil in the Box would have just sucked donkey butt.


Laurel Hostetler said...

Oh, that's rich! Thanks for sharing the link to that commercial - I almost fell out of my chair! BWAHHHHHHA!

Now play a word on our Scrabble game dammit!

Kerry said...


That MRI.... dayum....I think I peed. That is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!! I love it!

Next time you go, will you get an egg roll with franks red hot sauce for me?? and a couple of tacos?

I hope Noah is feeling better soon. I think I'll have one home tomorrow since he sounds like a puking seal in the other room right now. :(

- and at what point should this go from incredibly long blog comment , to "I should have just sent an email instead." LOL!

m = michelle said...

lmao @ you kerry!!!!

Victor and Annette said...

Where has Jack been? Or should I say where have I been not to know that Jack was missing? Loved your story!

Kaelene said...

Annette, you have been in Utah, where Jack does NOT exist!!
That commercial . . . priceless!