Friday, March 6, 2009

3 things

thing one:

sarah has twenty teeth. She told me this today, out of the blue. I've no idea how many teeth she has, or should have, or shouldn't have. I also have no idea if I believe her, but if I've learned anything from the #1 child, these kids do not lie. Since she went to the dentist the other day I'm really thinking she knows wants she's talking about. So there you have it. Sarah has 20 teeth, and she knows it.

thing two:

Noah lets me go to my standing Thursday night dinner date with Lori. You didn't know that? yah, neither did I! We were talking about schedules and the alternating weekends, and sleep overs when I said something like, I'm not sure about staying overnight on friday night since you'll be gone at that school camping trip saturday night. ya know. I do like to see you on weekends. His reply? I like to see you too, but think about my dad. He only sees me every other weekend. and besides, I let you go out to dinner with Lori on Thursdays. Yah, okay son. Thanks for letting me do that. So very kind of you.

thing three:
Kate's crazy adorable, but she farts. Like kinda a lot. And ya know what, it kinda cracks me up. Is it wrong of me to put that here?



scrapmom4 said...

thing four:
Your tweet is on CZ's video promo for her microblog class at BPS. And it's a good one!
(PS I have a burping kid. All girl, I tell ya.)

m = michelle said...

OMG. I know! I have to blog about that. tonight I will :) and my most embarrassing, personal, wasn't-going-to-post-this tweet ever. FUNNY!!!

Kaelene said...

so, the gas thing may be a sign of a digestive problem ... I'm just sayin'!!

Lisa said...

kids are funny. i read that somewhere!