Wednesday, March 4, 2009

follow up

Noah's school, and his teachers, and his classmates ROCKED that science fair! I know, sounds crazy huh? Aren't the required by law to be boring? Well this one wasn't.

The fourth grade projects were wonderful. Noah's was (is) really cool, for sure, but check out what some of these other kids did. This is only a handful of the projects. They were crazy good. Even Noah was excited to check out each and every display. (forgive the bad pics, fluorescent lights and my camera phone)

Prickly Pear Cactus. The quills are toothpicks, the flowers were beautifully constructed from tissue paper. I wish I could remember what the fruit was made of.

Palo Verde. Made of paper limbs and perfectly arranged fake flowers.

Mormon Tea. This one was exquisite. Super simple plant that could have been boring, but she presented it in its different regions. BRILLIANT!! I could hardly stand how amazing this one was.

Fairy Duster. This one was GORGEOUS. Bright and fun and well constructed.

Grey Wolf. wow! WOOOOW people. You probably can't tell, but the rock cliff jutted from the board like 8 inches with different levels and shelves. It looked exactly like the high rock formations here.

And finally, Noah in front of his display. He was over me by the end, I won't lie, so gone is his camera smile. I'll forgive him though, he's still not 100% (today was first day back at school this week) He actually fell asleep on the way 6pm.

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Kaelene said...

Cool science fair stuff! TAkes me back to the day . . . and WAAAAAAAY back then, we were not required to participate until 8th grade!