Sunday, May 3, 2009

Iris and Noah

I really only have a few things to say about this:

1. That's is a dog, not a rabbit :)

2. Noah does not always walk on all 4's.

3. That is the cutest little Iris in all the land!



scrapmom4 said...

Ya gotta love a kid with a dog.

Kaelene said...

I don't think he likes being part of a dog owning family . . .

Kaelene said...

BTW - L♥VE your new blog masthead! She'll be crushed if she is ever {heaven forbid!!} replaced by a newer, cooler phone!!

Beth said...

Ya coulda fooled me- she really does look like a rabbit!

But she is sooooo stinkin' cute! The kid's not bad, either. ;)

mom of fab five said...

i don't know about that rabbit--the boy suspicously hopped like one...and what was that white thing trying to attack him?