Wednesday, May 13, 2009

it's a miracle we

We have been doing our taxes, this is a conversation we continually have about getting all the necessary information to Lynn, the CPA. I started out confused and it only got worse.

Me: See attached for number. Please call to get the 08 number for CPA

P: Looking for interest – not taxes

Me: Duh. Where is the number?

P: Don’t know

Me: Well who is our lender? This is for 08

P: Accredited?

Me: Hahahahha I think so. You do pay it, don’t you?

P: ME????? I thought you paid it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Har har.

P: Don’t laugh – just looked at my bank acct and I did not pay May. They never pulled it out of my acct.

Me: Well now you have two reasons to call them.

P: STILL don’t know the #


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