Monday, October 20, 2008

between me and Kate

Setting the stage: I am on my cell phone, listening to the long, but funny, recorded message waiting to leave a message. Kate notices and wants to talk.

Kate, reaching for phone: "me wanna talk! me wanna talk to daddy!"
Me: "it's not daddy, honey"
Kate: "me wanna talk to daddy!"
Me: "okay honey, but that wasn't daddy. That was Manny"
Kate: "Manny?"
Me: "yes."
Kate: "me wanna talk to Manny!!!"
Me: "let's get you some cereal"
Kate: "okay"

The phone rings, I answer: "hello Manny"
We have our conversation, I hang up.

Kate: "was that Manny?"
Me: "yup"
Kate, GASPING, "OHHHH! yayyy....manny!!!"

Kate goes back to eating her cereal, singing "manny manny" under her breathe.

I've no idea where that came from. I work with Manny and she's met him a number of times, but I highly doubt she would know who he was given a choice. Not that I mind her excitement. You see, she didn't get to talk to daddy. That's not normally how that goes.


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Kaelene said...

That's hilarious! I can totally hear her singing, "Manny, manny . . "
Thanks for sharing that story and making me smile on this "dreadful" Monday!