Wednesday, October 29, 2008

so let's talk

Most of you know how my brain flows freely between being sharp, on point, and focused to slow, muddled and just plain gone. As I get older I've notice that this swing happens more often, and which more severity. I have days where I'll not only be able to think of all I have to do, but I'll be able write it all down and systematically check off each item as it's completed. Then there other days, when I can't even spell the word "list" much less get off the couch to start one.

Last week I had two of these brain-dead days, and man they sucked. Because (and I guess this is symptom of the underlying issue) now, not only do I have these off days, but they make me feel like total dog crap. You wanna know how I feel when I'm off? Like I'm pregnant. AND NO - I AM NOT PREGNANT - but that's how I feel. And everyone knows how much I hated being pregnant! Love the first day, and the last day, but those 40 weeks in between suck in the most hard core sucky way!

so why the hell am I telling y'all all of this you ask? Well, because I thought of it at lunch when I got this fortune...

...and figured I would write about how it made me feel. You see, on any given day I might be any of those three people. I realized that it might not make sense, why sometimes I have big things going on, but can't seem to talk about them. Take the signing I had at About Memories and More last weekend. I knew about it, I wanted to talk about it, but I just couldn't. My brain couldn't come up with something worthy of how that event went. And it deserved more than, "had a signing, it went great"

If you've done the math you may have figured out that the off days were before the signing, so why couldn't I blog about it on Monday? Well, here's one of the great consequences of those off days. I don't do anything. I mean A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. so I end up playing catch-up. Which overwhelms me, leaving me teetering on having another set of bad days. make sense?? If you're crazy, it does. It's a vicious cycle I tell ya.

Yah, I won't be off my meds like, ever.

THAT brings me to the signing. MAN WHAT FUN! Super cool group of chickies up in Flag. although I can't I'm surprised, scrapbookers totally rock anyway! Kirsten, the owner, is super fun, and dang cute and WAY creative. She even has a little 8 year old admirer - and we all know 8 year old boys don't lie! So when one loves you, you must really ROCK! :) Thanks for having my Kirsten, you were a fantastic host!

It's always so cool to talk to people about the concept of the book and watch them get it. To watch their eyes light up as they figure out what I mean when I say "scraplifting: it's not a crime." To see them look down at the book and see it for what it is - a way to tap into your own personal creativity. A way to learn exactly how to lift someones page and really, TRULY end up with a page that's uniquely theirs. A huge perk to having taken this huge chance on the book are those experiences. They make it all worth it. Thank you girls! Y'all make it possible for me to keep going out there, pluggin' this little book of mine.


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Kaelene said...

Yay! You talked about the signing!
Can I just say, "you're not the only one!" I think you have just explained it, more logically, than I could . . . I have days like that, too! :(
Let's scrap soon!