Thursday, October 16, 2008

drama on a dime

I have crap light in my house. crap! It's probably the thing I dislike most about my house. The only decent window is in Sarah's room, and even then it's still crap. Even so, sometimes I think the architecture and sun will take pity on my and I might be able to get some pictures of the kids. Hasn't happened yet, but that didn't stop me on this particular afternoon.

You can tell my expectations were low by the crazy dirty and completley uncoordinated clothes I didn't make the kids change out of. To my surprise, thought, the attempt at a photo shoot started okay.

Except for Noah looking stoned, I actually liked this shot, and thought we could be on to something. Hey! Let's try to get A GOOD picturs of ALL THREE OF YOU! First Mistake! This must turn some crazy switch in these guys because holy crap - put them in front of a camera and ask them to just sit. SIT. They can move, and talk, and breathe and everything. but sit on your butt for crying out loud. OH NO!! too much to ask, and we all lost out minds.

Things quickly turned out like every other time I've tried to do this, with me threantening to call the gypsies if they didn't sit their butt down and look cute for mommy before her head explodes or the camera ends up on the front lawn via the closed window.

I must have pushed too hard because ON A DIME Sarah got her sour puss face on.

It's I.N.S.A.N.E. how fast this happens. Faster than the losing the mind switch. It's like BAM! I'M SAD NOW AND NOTHING IS GOING TO MAKE ME LIKE YOU AGAIN.

i gave up. done. don't need a picture today. Go ahead and bounce around like I've just force fed you crack with a red bull chaser. Just don't come crying to me when you bust your head open on the dresser. Mommy is going to be rocking in the bathtub, thank you very much.

Then somehow, someway, for reasons I've yet to figure out, much less duplicate, sarah stopped being all poo-poo-long-face and smiled. Welcome back, my sweet.

The drama had past and my children were all normal again. Praise Jesus!

I, however, still needed some me time rocking in the tub.



Kaelene said...

"me time" is ALWAYS good, wherever and whenever you can get it!
My tub?? ya, the dog could rock in there, but not a real human being sized person! Can I borrow yours?? LOl

Kerry said...

OH OH OH! I love the new blog!

You better be a better blogger or Maddy will get you. ;)


Shoot, now I have to go fix my link on my blog. You had to go and mix things up didn't you? Are we still aloud to swear in the comments? haha!

Lisa said...

cool blog. and i don't know what you did wrong. those kids were perfect gap kid models when i took their picture. seriously--are we talking about the same kids? ha ha