Monday, October 27, 2008


So I wanna blog but don't have much to say. How lame is that? I just can't get more than a few senteneces in my head worthy of a real entry. So what does that mean? IT'S TWITTER BLOG TIME AGAIN!

Here are the cutest little ghosts on the planet! I made for Kate's halloween party, which is last Friday. Thank you Lorie for always posting such cute things. I know rarely comment, but I check your blog all the time. It's like one-stop shopping :) And on this day you made me look like a hero!

So there are super easy, and just messy enough that you can get a little finger licking goodness going on. Not that I would lick my fingers while cooking anything ;) OH! and there are like super delicious. super duper delicious. Be warned.

While we're looking at cute, edible faces, this was dinner last week. Yes, I stopped Sarah from eating her food while I took a picture of her Alien Pancakes. Yes, I did this in a restaurant. )But it was Denny's, so it hardly counts.) And yes, I felt like a moron, but I had to! Just look at him, he's freaking ADORABLE!!!



Kaelene said...

okay, so are those white-chocolate dipped nutter butter cookies?? DANG CUTE!! And what are the eyes? Just frosting? LOVE IT!
BTW . . . how did the signing go?? You could blog about that! ♥

Dust and Maddy said...

Those are super cute. I may have to steal the idea!