Sunday, January 4, 2009

love my peeps, just not the marshmellow kind

This weekend has been kinda busy, especially today, when I got a crazy hair and decided to take down all the Christmas decorations. Even the Santa's outside, Beth. :) I haven't put anything back up so the house looks really strange. It's going to have to wait until tomorrow, though, cuz I'm beat! But it feels good to have it (almost all the way) done.

I joined facebook this weekend, too. already addicted. The newness better fade quickly or I'll alienate all my 'new' friends before the week is out. Nothing like a newbie huh?!

Beth , Kaelene and I scrapbooked at Paper Vineyard last night. Had a blast!!! We went to Walmart after - my all time favorite place (you can hear the sarcasm right?) so I could pick some up crap (no floor cleaner stalker guy or bitch fights Kerry, thank god!) and I ran across this aisle.

Seriously, Valentine's Day. Can we get a week's break from the holiday merchandising? This aisle was literally nauseating it was so huge. Pink from floor to ceiling and 50 feet deep with this:
GIGANTIC sign ever so gently reminding you to show your love for your family with heart shaped candy or else they'll get bitter and resentful and divorce your ass for a candy maker.
As I walked away from the football field of pink I let it go. I mean V-day is only 5 weeks away, or there abouts. I could get my candy now, eat it, and still have time to buy more for Peter. Too bad it'll be stale!
But then...oh then...we got to the front and Beth saw this.
That's Easter candy my friends. EASTER! This is a crappy picture, at best, so if you don't believe me, I took another.
This is a crappy picture, at best, so if you don't believe me, I took another.
no doubt about it, that's a creme egg.
While I love the Cadbury Creme Egg more than the average Joe, and I'm tickled that I won't have to wait until after Lent to have (a super stale) one, I am fearful that I won't make the 3+ months of looking at hollow Easter bunnies and Peeps. Someone make get hurt. I'm guessing it'll be the Peeps.


Kerry said...

Oh hell, I was at walmart today and could literally SMELL the necco valentine conversation hearts coming from that aisle!!! I totally hear you! WTH, the Christmas candy is still on clearance, moaning and withering. It's not even dead yet.

I triple dog dare you to go to walmart and get a photo of the floor buffer guy chasing you. ;)

Hey, but most important... did you have backup or did you go alone? ;)

m = michelle said...

go alone at 11:00pm? Oh hell no! I don't have a death wish. Kaelene and beth went with. :)

Lisa said...

yeah--no one should venture out to walmart alone after 10.

whoa with the ultimate pink aisle. i think i'm going to take a pass this v-day!