Wednesday, December 31, 2008

another video

oh quit! I'll get bored of this movie maker soon. Until then...a little countdown to the new year, and a little look back.




Kerry said...

Aw crap and a half Michelle that made me cry!!!!

That is a way cool video. Did you have to remind me about our fun night at Cheesecake Factory, make me cry and then make me choke from laughter at somebody's boobies?!?!?

That was awesome.

Happy New Year to you too! And best wishes for a great 2009!

Kaelene said...

Kerry, I believe that Michelle probably set out to make us cry . . . because I'm sure that she shed a few tears while thinkin' up and makin' that cute little bit of cinematography! That's what we LOVE about her!
Happy New Year, Michelle and cute family! I hope to see more of you in 2009! ♥

sandalloons44 said...

Dear Michelle my friend.
I had no idea you had two girls. Hum, where did I hide and not know. Ok, well I remember you had Noah and Sarah and what is the other cuties name? Hum, they look like twins.
Ok, well what I wanted to say is which number did you call for the big M from Mervyns? Growing up in Mesa, I really could not wait until the Stapley/Main one opened as there was another shop to buy from instead of yellow front and K-mart. I wanted to call and see if they could reserve that M for this Michelle.
Hey and Happy new Year!

Beth said...

Aww- that's so cool! Happy New Year right back! :)

Dust and Maddy said...


PS I am SUPER lame at checking my messages, but since Dustin is out of town, I couldn't make it anyway :(

Lisa said...

that was so cool! it took me a while to recognize my boobs. LOL i'm like--what the hell is that? ha ha

happy new year to you!!! your family is so cute.

oh--i turned off the volume in case it was the BNL singing! ha ha