Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I need some cheering up

If you read my tweets, you'll know how I really feel about yesterday. You'll know what I can't say here {anymore} because I'm trying to be a good - less offensive - blogger. I'm still feeling funky today and thought a little uplifting post might do me so good. So here it is: my kids. Pretty damn cute huh? yes, I know, they're perfect. It's all in the genes!


I love this little photo.

I love how they are all red from playing. There was no way I was going to photoshop/correct that. It's so them. Hard playing kids.

I love that it was their idea that all three of them get on the tire swing without a single thought of leaving someone off, or going it alone. The fact that really do like playing together is about the coolest thing on the planet.

I love how they have finally figured out that I'm going as fast as I can with the camera, and that I won't stop until I get a decent shot. So just be semi-still, smile, and I'll let you play after I get a shot. (thank you, Beth, for filling me on that little parenting nugget)

I love it so much it's my desktop right now, replacing the Microsoft furnished "window in a Mexican casita" photo. I works perfectly as a desktop image, too, because most of my folders are on the right side (yes, totally backwards, I know) and they don't get lost in the picture.

The only problem is its sheer size or their heads. I have a massively huge 24" monitor here at work. It's GIGANTIC and completely wonderful! As a result of this billboard sized monitor, the munchkin's faces are like bigger than life size. It took me a couple days to get used to having them all up in my face every day. Correction: it took some time having them all up in my face and silent.

Honest to God, it took a couple days to realize they weren't going to jump out of the screen with questions, or complaints, or requests, or demands, or tattlings, or anything that would interrupt the quiet, happy, perfection of them looking up at me.

Yep, that did the trick.



Lisa said...

they are so cute. i love the "playing faces" too.

Dust and Maddy said...

Sorry babe :(

angieinpink said...

ya, if that doesn't cheer ya up...i don't know what will. stinkin' cute children. you did good.