Sunday, November 30, 2008


***edited to add pictures***

wow. That was a fun 4 day holiday. Seems like I did a lot. Here's a quick run down, in no particular order.

- Christmas threw up in my house, and it had snowmen and white lights for lunch. I'll have pictures soon. Like when I remember to take pictures during the day cuz I REALLY SUCK at night pictures.

The snowman wall. Only snowmen, nothing else. I have issues.
This doesn't look like many lights but that's because I suck. Peter did a kick ass job, as usual, on the house. I love it.
A new addition to the M household. I love them!
I can't forget about the Santa's They are more spread out.
- I rearranged our family room a little bit. Took out the fish tank, hung the curtains I've had for 2 years, arranged this huge clock and framed pictures I've had for a year, and basically gave the room a little face lift without spending any (more) money.

Here are the clocks. You can't tell how big or high this is. But if you remember this post you might have a better frame of reference. that top clock is like hugh! The bottom of it is higher than the top of my entertainment unit. That's up there and I totally love it!!!!

- I am extending the lifted sale through Cyber Monday. woo hoo for sales!

- I've finalized the project I've been working on for the free class. Still lots to do, like take a million pictures on the construction process and write up everything. But the creative part is done and that's a fantastic feeling.

- okay...I'm hesitant to even write this here, but what the hell, I think I'm FINALLY over being a fat ass and am ready to do something about it. This is going to be a MASSIVE undertaking, cuz I pretty much could be cut in half and still be bigger than most of my friends (skinny bitches! haha) but something must be done. I've started really reeeeeeeeally slow. Like giving up desserts after every meal. And yes, confession time, I've taken to having something sweet like all the time, even after breakfast. and YES - THAT'S freaking CRAZY - but true! So be prepared to hear about that from time to time.

and finally - We had a fantastic Thanksgiving. My bro came over as did our baseball friends who have 2 kids, and then one of peter's collegues and his wife. It was a blast having so many people around. I hope y'all had a great holiday!!!



Beth said...

So I guess brownies and crack are out for Friday night? :P

I'm glad you had a good weekend!

Oh- and can I say that I'm shocked you got your Christmas stuff out already? What will be even more mind-blowing is if it's all down before the 4th of July... ;)

m = michelle said...

beth, no one is more shocked than I! haha

Dust and Maddy said...

Holy cow! That's a lot of Christmas. But I LOVE it all! I'm pretty much Christmas-free over here, so I'm glad someone's feeling the spirit.

Kaelene said...

hey, couldn't Michelle make crack for the REST of us????
I ♥ ♥ ♥ all of your Christmas decor! So festive! Even in July !!!! Ha ha ha

Tammy said...

I love your Xmas stuff. Especially the snowman favorite.

Kerry said...

Are you talking about the brown curtains that you went back and forth on for hours at Target? Those curtains?!?! They're finally up???? LOL! I know, you just needed time to make sure they 'worked' in that room.

YOU are Christmas crazy. It makes me want to hyperventilate thinking of putting that all away at some point! ACK!