Monday, November 24, 2008

talking talking talking

this is a post I wrote a couple months ago. I kinda felt bad so didn't post it. Then. I forgot all about it. I remembered it when we had a similar weekend with Sarah and figured WHAT THE HECK someone might know what I'm talking about.

Noah:good morning mom. how are you or you are sick that's too bad are we going to your work today - oh not for a while - you are meeting with the new cleaning person today - that's cool is she going to babysit too oh wait I don't need a babysitter anymore

Me: yes you do

Noah: no I just need someone to watch me so - when is she going to be - here are we staying or going to your work - can I have some cereal and this candy - maybe I could have this candy just this one time cuz you're sick and you can't eat it - are you feeling better now mom can I do anything

Me: kill me

Noah: what? what did you say I didn't hear you - are you okay - why are you putting those covers over your head don't you have to get up to meet the cleaning lady - are we going to work if you feel that bad you don't have to go to work - you need to have a glass of water

Me: noah let me get the door

Noah: okay I'll just go into my room and clean up what you told me to clean up like a million times but I ignored you because you were ready to die and I knew you wouldn't do anything but curl up on the coach and ask for your maker to take you whatever that means what does that mean mom - when are we going to your work

Me: I am taking a shower

Noah: okay I'll talk to Darbie.

Darbie: hello how are yo---

Noah: this is my room are you cleaning my room this goes here and that goes there and I have a game tonight and it rained a lot last night so it might get cancelled and I think it will because it's going to rain today and right now and it might rain in my room but you are here cleaning so you can just clean that rain right up those are my practice pants and shirt oh good you found my orange one

Me: noah get it the car, we are going to work

Noah: can we stop at mcdonalds can I have pancakes I know I usually get a biscuit like you but I just want pancakes today how long are we going to be at work are we staying long where are we going to eat lunch

Me: noah. hon. we won't be there long. I'm sick, remember. I will go as fast as I can. okay?

Noah: okay mom I understand we'll go fast how long is fast should we think about lunch

Me: let me do this work now. go outside and play

Noah: okay hello cars hello trees hello bird hello BINGO yellow car blah blah blah blah blah blah................

an hour later

Me: Noah let's go.

Noah: wow that was fast you were only there for like an hour I didn't know we were going to be there that long that was fast are we going home now I just love this blue bat I used to use the yellow one the slugger but now I use this one or maybe I should use the blue one I hit a lot with it see mom you can see all the hits I've gotten off it the letters are coming off

Me: I am going to bed noah.

Noah. okay I'll stay out here.....blah blah blah blah hello darbie still cleaing this is my blue bat blah blah blah blah blah I love this cartoon yogi is so cool he's the smartest bear of them all and then there's boo boo blah blah blah blah blah blah blah I hit so much with this blue bat.

Me: I need food. let's go.

Noah: wow mom you don't look so good do you feel okay where are we goi---mom? am I talking a lot today?

praise the sweet Lord Jesus he is listening to himself

Me: yes noah, actually you are.

Noah: well I'm just excited about this blue bat this bat is my favorite bat and I am going to use it tonig---


Noah: blah blah blah blue bat blah blah blah why are you sick blah blah blah am I going to california this year blah blah blah blah I love allstars blah blah blah blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaah blllllaaaaaaaaaaaaa bllllaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

hooooooooooooours later.

Noah: mom you still don't look so good are you sick or something that was neat running to beth at target this present for eric is cool I hope he likes it at his party tomorrow when do I get to go again after my game or maybe during it maybe they will stop the game so I can go to the party and skate and then come back. are you sure you're okay mom you are hot you need some water here's some water water cools you down so does air. air cools you down too you should get some water and go outside in the air and cool down because you are hot.

Me: time for bed. i love you. goodnight.

Noah: oh it's time for bed already I didn't do a thing today I know I need to go to bed so I can be ready for my big game tomorrow can you believe it got cancelled today cuz it rained a lot but not in my room so darbie didn't have to clean that up do I really need to go to bed already I'm really not slee-------CONK! zzzzzzzzzz

Dear God, thank you for making night. Amen

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Beth said...

Haha! I rememeber that day. You really did look pretty sick... :P

And days like this with my kids are why I do a happy dance when they go to bed. ;)