Tuesday, November 11, 2008

photo/twitter post

let's get some pictures up in here!
This one's gonna be short and sweet, I'm all chattered out. OH SHUT UP! It could happen!

Jack-o-lanterns. HELLO CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!!! this was right before bed, after showers. I allowed them to sit up on the island to take the picture. I would not recommend doing this, as now they think they can do it all the time. Especially that little one in the middle who can pretty much get away with anything cuz those damn eyes.

Halloween DUH! Mine are the grumpy army guy in the middle. The bright pink Bat Girl at right. and sweet little butterfly at left. This picture is proof I have NO STINKING CLUE how to take a good picture. ugh! Oh but check out that adorable pumpkin stand thing in front of the window. I have another that's a skeleton, found them at Michael's. Love them!


The travelocity gnome. By far the cutest costume I've seen, like ever.
oh EWW!! Déjà vu. Do I say that every year? I mean do I say that EVERY year??? NO really? Do I say it every YEAR?
OKAY I think I need to be done with this before my brain twists itself into a crazy little pretzel.
this was the question in the ponder thing after I updated and it totally cracked me up. I just couldn't leave it alone!
"Do toilet seats really protect us from anything?"
uh... hello? Ever heard of falling in?


Kerry said...

I actually had a chiropractor at a park tell me the point of toilet seats. Yes, it was about 20 minutes of him telling me all about them. Good topics in the park I tell you.

So when you sit down ON the seat, it 'spreads' your bottom area 'open' enough so that things go directly into the water. Unlike the squatter holes in the ground that a lot of places in the middle east have. Supposedly the good old toilets we are used to are more sanitary for that reason.
Nice huh? And to think I never would have know this without that little nugget of a dude that used to be my neighbor.

My version is much more clean though. He was using some pretty technical medical terms for body parts and function. IYKWIM. ;)
SO there ya have it. The mystery you were wondering about toilet seats. I'm just happy to pass it along. ;)

Oh and great halloween pictures by the way. :)

Kaelene said...

That jack-o-lantern photo is A-Dorable!
Too bad Kate already knows how to work her mama, with those eyes! LOL

Beth said...

Omigosh, Kerry! That's hysterical! And I can totally picture you standing there and listening to him with a patiently interested, but slightly frightened WTF expression on your face... ;)

Super cute photos, Michelle! That threesome on the island is a total keeper!