Thursday, November 13, 2008

my brain may explode

No joke, I think my brain is going to explode. Lots of things rambling around up in there. Beyond being actually busy at work (this is a good thing for sure!!!) I've got some personal/creative things going on.
first, my scrapbook room. I've been working on it like crazy. Rearranging the million M's I have. Making new ones. decorating old olds. Buying more, like this one:

This is not smart! I have no more room. The part of my brain that says, "STOP!" is broken. clearly. I've got the middle of the alphabet covering the walls of my room to prove it.

The room is finally clean and nearly ready for a picture to post. Had I not started that free Jessica Sprague Stories in Hand class it might be perfect right now. But since there's a project to do, there are scraps of paper all over the place making it not picture worthy, yet. I hope to get some good pictures this weekend to post. I'll also have to post the before picture. Proof that my creative mind does not require cleanliness. You can't even tell it's an actual room. I have issues. for reals.

second, this class. I'm super excited about Jessica's system to gathering stories. That's something I've struggled with in my scrapbooking. I know I've got stories in me, but getting them out in a more exciting way than "we went to Globe, ate ice cream and had a blast with the kids" is something I want to be better at. The timing isn't great for me, I'll admit. My brain is overflowing with crap and adding to it is causing the craziest dreams. My brain takes my creative endeavours and blends it into the real things I did or saw that day. so when I've got many creative things going on it turns into a crazy mess up there. If only I could remember them for more than an hour, I would share one with you. Peter gets to hear most, and he looks at me completely boggled, mumbling, "that's completely f'ed up" Next time I'll write one down so y'all can see what I mean.

third, a new idea. I've been working on some ideas with how to better explain and market my book. It's been super slow going as everything ties together. When I change one thing in one of my concepts it trickles down to the blog, and website, and adverts. Everything! I need to finish it all before I can move on. In the long run it's better, it just seems to take so long to make progress.

But in the spirit of a good blog entry, which means pictures. And to put a little teaser out there. Here's a graphic I've been working on. Hate it? well keep that to yourself. :) My dreams couldn't handle it!



sandalloons44 said...

I love it! Never negitive here!
So, Michelle, where else did you want to market you book? Just curious. Ok, well you take care as I always enjoy following your blog!

Beth said...

Can't wait to see the new "M" additions!

Kaelene said...

I love the new graphic tease! And, I am already finding myself so inspired by this Jessica Sprague class, as well! Definitely worth the money! Oh, wait . . . . LOL

Kerry said...

Wait, didn't you just do your scrap room? Have I been in Kentucky that long?!?!?

It looks like it will be cute though, and I love the new Ms.

The new graphic is cool too!

Lisa said...

wait--you had a good time in Globe? yeah, that's a story right there! LOL