Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas pics after Christmas

Here are some random pictures I've taken over the last couple weeks. I've not been able to post them because, well let's face it, I'm completely lazy. Then I got a raging cold and couldn't do anything. I'm on the mend now, wide awake, and hopped on B12, so I figured I'd blog a little blog.

I did prove something this year, in regards to being sicky. I get a cold every stinking year and I've always thought it's because i go and go and go and the cold is my body's way of saying STOP IT MORON. but this year I did nothing. NOTHING. and I still got that dumb cold. and let me tell ya, decorating the tree (including the lights), wrapping every single present, and SHOPPING for the hubby on CHRISTMAS EVE with a cold, sucks ass. If I'm going to get a cold I might as well do something before hand so at least I'm not trying to finish everything while I'm trying to plan my own funeral.

But I digress. Back to pictures. I saw this cute wreathe at Starbucks at the mall last week. Yes, I did stop in the middle of everything and snap a picture. I didn't even care who took notice. The wreathe is that cute. no?

Oh! wait! If you can't tell, those are balls of yard up in there y'all! CLEVER right?! Maybe I'm going back to my childhood with my mom who was an avid knitter. I can't tell you how many skeins of yard I've balled up in my life. So this gives me warm fuzzies, the same way chocolate milk or smores might. I think my mom actually had a contraption to aide in this task. I could be wrong there.

Kate's daycare has a Christmas program every year. It's always consisted of a half an hour of super cuteness for most kids (mine included of course) but there is always those few who are completely over it. The idea of singing in front of 50 adults and/or wearing any sort of costume is simple out of the question. This results in the typical crying and screaming also known as a TANTRUM.

I've always loved this preschool concert, mostly because of the half hour part (yes I said it) but this year they changed it up and did a dinner with Santa thing. We all brought pizza and a small unisex toy and the school provided drinks and desserts (of which I had too many!) Then Santa came for a photo op and to hand out (the provided) gifts. MY KIDS LOVED THIS!!!

Noah even VOLUNTARILY wore the suit I got him for his presentation a few weeks earlier. I don't have a single picture from that event that's decent enough to post. I still don't have a clue how to take a good picture in low light, we've gone over that, right? Trust me, he was crazy handsome!

I do have a photo of the cute cookies one of the teachers made. You've seen them on Lorie's blog I'm sure, and Martha's but here's a pic of one in real life :) They are delicious!!

Then again, I never met a sugar cookie that I didn't like.

I'm in the middle of organizing 10 years of pictures. Be prepared for some looking back. :)



Dust and Maddy said...

Lorie's blog is AWESOME! And I think your cookies turned out great.

As for your last minute procrastination -- isn't that how it goes every year ;p

m = michelle said...

yah, you know me too well Maddy. But this year was especially bad.

Beth said...

It wouldn't be Christmas Eve if Michelle wasn't out shopping. ;)

Happy New year! Love the photos of the kids below! And that Starbucks wreathe was adorable this year. I have instructions if you want to make one for next year... ;)