Wednesday, December 17, 2008

talk of angels

Can y'all endure one more story of angels and dead people? No? well move along then. I'm telling this one! :)

My mom collected bears. Like me, she loved lots and lots of things. I definitely came by my love of collecting things honestly. Unlike me, she was able to restrict her collection to teddy bears. And not just any ole bear, she had rules. They had to be, FIRST AND FOREMOST, soft. Squishy soft and with soft fur. That was the first test. Then they had to have a tail. she never bought a bear that she didn't flip over and check its buttocks, taking off clothes in necessary. Finally, it had to have a cute little face. It was like they spoke to her, asking to be taken in to her loving home. She obliged hundreds upon hundreds of bears. Us kids did our fair share of 'saving' bears from cold and lonely store shelves. I don't remember a birthday, mother's day, or Christmas where I didn't give her at least one bear. Poor woman was never surprised.

Many times since her passing I've felt urged to purchase the random bear. Usually while Christmas or birthday shopping for the kids. It's a strange feeling, being nudged to pick up, inspect and purchase a stuffed animal for my kids that's always held such a special spot in my heart. I've never ignored this urge, however. I figure, if my mom wants to talk to me through bears, so be it. I'll listen.

A few years ago, while shopping at my church's Christmas boutique I was, once again, urged to buy something. This time an angel. I'd learned not to ignore being pushed toward something so I just went with it and bought the thing. I mean what could it hurt, she was cute after all. She's the one on the left.

The following year I was, again, urged to buy angels. This time it was Christmas ornaments. I bought like a dozen or so adorable angels and gave them to family and friends. A couple of you probably remember those.

This new tradition continued into the next year when I picked up, at the insistence of my mother, these three lovies.

Usually I scatter all my little painted angels throughout the house. This year I changed it up and put them all together in the family room. I pointed them out to Peter, who most certainly would not have noticed them sitting together in all their cuteness. He took a quick glance and responded with, "cool, my mom collected angels"
WHAT???!?!? How did I not know that? She loved hummingbirds and butterflies. angels? really?
It's Peter's mom. How freaking cool is that!?!?!
So Jeanne, I'm listening. Thanks for the angels - I love them! And yes, I'll go back and get this year's selection. The tree topper from Kirkland Home that I passed on the other day. I didn't realize I needed a new tree topper. :)


Beth said...

OK- that's really cool!

Kerry said...

That's a nice story. I love your house at christmas time.

Dust and Maddy said...

I love that his mom collected angels! And I love all your holiday decorations!!!

Lisa said...

i love those angels. so cute. and great story!!!