Monday, December 1, 2008

how YOU doin?

this isn't nearly as good ad the "who's bill" conversation, but I still want to get it written down while I remember it. This convo happened in the car this weekend.

Me: Sarah, what cha'doin?
Sarah: good.
Me: No, WHAT are you doing?
Sarah: GOOD.
Me: Sarah, that's the answer to how are you doing. I am asking you what you are doing. Like, are you playing basketball? Or sleeping? Or driving in the car? get it?
Sarah: Yes.
Me: So sarah, what are you doing?
Sarah: Sitting.
Me: cool. and HOW are you doing?
Sarah: Sitting.

The girl totally cracks me up!



Beth said...

Tee hee- she is too cute!

Kaelene said...

She's so logical, isn't she?? Love that girl!