Tuesday, December 9, 2008

well that didn't take long

Today started out great! I love it when everyone, including me, wakes up with a smile on their face. Who am i kidding, If I'm the only one in a good mood it's a good day.

After everyone else was gone, and I knew Sarah was awake enough for company, I snuck in her room and whispered, "good morning." She smiled back, "good morning" she replied with that cute little Sarah smile. Good, I think to myself, she's in a good mood. Not always a given, especially in the morning! So I go back to my routine when I hear her calling, err bellowing, from her room. Great, I think to myself, she's not in a good mood. I peek my head through the closed door - expecting the worst - to find her sitting there, still with that huge smile, anxious for my arrival. "Good morning Master" she says.

That's from Kung Foo Panda. Now, ask yourself, Is that too much TV? or just the right amount???!!!

Speaking of Sarah, that cuteness balances out her naughtiness. Remember
this post by Beth about her sneaky, candy stealing boy? I called it in my comment to her. I said (in part), "Mine aren't that clever, yet, though." How well do I know my girls?

Last Saturday, only one day after Beth's post, my adorable girls and their little friend Ethan got into the Advent calenders. when I say got into them, I mean they opened every window on every calender, not leaving a trace of chocolate. I gotta give it to them. They might have done it in plain sight, but they were stealthy as all get out while doing it because no one heard a thing. They actually made the exact right amount of noise the entire time. None of those something-must-be-going-on-it's-too-quiet-in-here moments for the entire day. Just perfect children, or so we thought.

We hadn't even done the 4th day yet, so between the 3 of them they ate 66 candies!!! little shits.

I wish I'd gotten a picture of the calenders on the walls, with every single door open, barren of chocolate, but I was so ticked off I pulled them down all in a huff. What really got me is one of them wasn't even theirs! Noah was with his dad and they ate his too. little shits - have I said that yet? Noah's often complained that they raid everything of his while he's gone, maybe the boy has a point.

So we are getting noah a replacement. The girls aren't getting another one. We are still going to all get together and watch noah open his window, see what's behind the treat, and enjoy his sweet goodness. All while the girls stand there watching. I'm a meanie.



Dust and Maddy said...

"Good Morning Master"?? You've trained her well I see!

And I am DYING about the candy. Poor Noah -- and by that I mean POOR GIRLS! It's the perfect punishment -- brilliant actually, but i do feel some sympathy for them -- probably because they're not my little sweethearts ;p

Kaelene said...

I can just see your girls plotting out the candy consumption! And, I can imagine their remorseful faces when they get to watch Noah eat his treat. I think that is probably a sufficient punishment. Poor Noah.

CindeeQ said...

Just had to chuckle!! OMG! That is so funny- I have the same nickname for my two boys too!!

Beth said...

Thank goodness I'm not the only one raising a delinquent. Whew!