Thursday, December 4, 2008

what not to eat

I read somewhere that one should never blog about her lunch. Or any meal for that matter. No one cares about what anyone else had to eat, no matter fascinating or funny they are. I'm neither of those things so blogging about food would be like a triple whammy no-no for me.

so, nah. This post isn't going to be what I did eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but of what I didn't eat. You see, this not eating everything in sight is semi-big for me because I'm not as much semi-big as I am gigantic-big, And. Well. Something. Must. Be. Done! Pronto!

I'm on day 7 of my new found don't-have-dessert-after-every-meal way of life. yes, I said, "way of life" because I'm like freaking old now and am thinking I've got so much to lose that it'll take the rest of my life so might as well just go with the flow. Calling this a diet just wouldn't be doing it justice, ya know?

anyway, day 7. It's been pretty good. I've twittered about some of the harder moments. I could have burned that place down today with complaints though. Christmas is officially here. I can tell because only at Christmas do the treats overflow from the break room to their own full sized TABLE. A TABLE PEOPLE!! not a measly counter. A full size fold up table - full of crap. Right now there's an abundance of choices, here on this forth day of December:
A dozen donuts,
a Costco sized fruit pie, apple I think,
a rather large tin of assorted cookies from home,
half a plate of double chocolate brownies
a cup of starbursts (okay that's random!)
and a coffee cup full of candy canes.

OH! And what's already kicked the bucket?
a Costco lemon bundt cake - the stuff heaven is made of.
half a dozen specialty muffins
the first half of the plate of double chocolate brownies.

But what have I had, you ask? 1/2 a brownie!!!! that's it!

Oh shit, I did eat some circus animal cookies they other day. But they are like irresistible and I had to get them out of the house. I was cleaning. What? I couldn't just throw them away, they are starving people in Africa.

aw damn, I started this off by saying that no one should talk about what they ate for lunch and here I did exactly that. Shame on me. Let's change gears to what I might have eaten this week had I lived with my old too-much-is-never-enough-you-know-you-won't-puke-so-go-ahead manta.

A quarter of everything in the lists above, minus the pie. oh and the brownies and lemon cake. I would have finished off at least a half of those bad boys! for reals!



Beth said...

splitting Michelle in half
Bwahahaha! Love it!!

Good for you! Me? I can't stop finishing off the kid's stuff- that last pizza roll, Ryan's PopTart crust, Erin's last few bites of mac n cheese-it goes on and on. Ugh. Must learn control... ;)

Lisa said...

well good for you.

Lisa said...

that was a little choppy. i meant to add something and got distracted.

so what i meant to say was--well good for you. i always start my 'eating healthy' diet right around thanksgiving time. so messed up! LOL

angieinpink said...

"there are starving people in africa..."

you crack me up.

and you are awesome. go m.

Kerry said...

mmmmm, lemon cake from costco.

It's fruit right? Isnt' that healthy?!?!?!

Hang in there. :) - and I for one always care about what people eat, because I love food. Just don't tell me when you've had Mexican food, because I REALLY miss that!!!

angieinpink said...

{me again}

just wanted to let you know that you & peter are geniuses.

throw the cap IN the load of wash....amazing idea.

the end.

Tammy said...

You are very courageous to take this on before the holidays. The temptations this time of year are sinful...but you're doing it. Keep up the great work and the sense of humor!

The Leijte's in Vegas said...

I think this is the right time to change it up. If you can get thru the holidays, you can do anything. If you read my blog, you will see I am not feel too cute right now!